Reading List

Books I’ve read or would like to read can be viewed here thanks to the trusty goodreads website.

Academic type stuff I want to read:

  • Monroe, K. (2005). Perestroika! : The raucous rebellion in political science/ edited by Kristen Renwick Monroe. New Haven, Conn. ; London: Yale University Press.

Academic type stuff I’ve read:

  • 17/12/17 Zambernardi, Lorenzo (2016) ‘Politics is too important to be left to political scientists: A critique of the theory–policy nexus in International Relations’, European Journal of International Relations 2016, Vol. 22(1) 3–23. Notes
  • 19/12/17 O’ Brien, R. & Williams, M. (2016) Global Political Economy: Evolution and Dynamics, Introduction, Ch 1